Giggle and Grow Educare

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

610 Main Street Suite #3

Buda, TX 78610




Giggle and Grow Educare was opened in March 2011 to serve the needs of the Buda area. Giggle and Grow is different than most preschools. We believe in a small staff to child ratio so that all of our children get the individual care and attention that they deserve. We believe that early childhood education is very important and that you have to make learning fun and interesting to keep young little minds curious so that they want to learn more. 

Giggle and Grow is a christian based school. We say a prayer before all meals and read bible stories. We say the pledge of allegiance every morning before we start preschool. We have a garden and nature center out on our playground. All the children help do the planting and maintaining of the garden.

Here at Giggle and Grow we like to do lots of hands on learning and we think the garden and nature center help kids understand the planting and growing process, responsibility and how to take care of things. We also like to do lots of art projects and just have fun. Isn't that what being a kid is all about?